• Antenna systems - polarization, antenna length, gain, directivity, radiation pattern, bandwidth, vertical antennas, Yagi antennas, wire antennas, quad/loop antennas. (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

  • Feedlines - feedine characteristics, impedance, balanced and unbalanced feed lines, baluns, coaxial connector types, line losses, length and frequency, standing waves, standing wave ratio, SWR meters, impedance matching. (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

  • Understanding antennas - 74 pages of antennas basics in plain English (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

  • Baluns - What they do and how they do it (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

  • Field Antenna Handbook - US Marine Corps Reference Publication including transmission lines, antenna selection, antenna field repairs and satellite antennas. (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

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