• Radio Wave Propagation - ground wave, sky wave, layers, skip zone, skip distance, ionospheric absorption, fading, phase shift, solar activity, sunspots, critical and maximum useable frequencies, VHF and UHF, sporadic-E, aurora. (PDF file, opens in a separate window)
  • Solar Activity & HF Propagation - solar radiation, solar flux, sunspots and solar cycle, K and A indices explained. (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

  • Sailing the Ionosphere - How the ionosphere affects radio propagation and how it can be used to the benefit of radio amateurs. (PDF file, opens in a separate window)

  • Propagation Video - Short flash presentation of the propagation aspects (after watching this presentation, go back to home page to read the real solar activity data from the chart on the right. (exe file, right click and save to disk)
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